Main Features

Minimum development time

Cost savings on maintenance and updates:

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Error Reduction
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Compatibility Between Models
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Development Cost

Designed for change

FastPrg has been designed specifically for software development that needs to adapt quickly and naturally to changes in the business or functional requirements of companies.


Linked models

Allows the creation of linked structures or “mother-child” models: a main core with extensions, for example, for verticals of different industries, guaranteeing the consistency and compatibility of changes made to the mother model and its linked models throughout the time.


Consistency analyzer

FastPrg also has a consistency checker to ensure that data is always consistent. For example, if the user tries to delete a Client that has invoices entered, the platform will not allow it. And if you want to delete an invoice that has already been converted into a delivery note, you will not be able to do so without first deleting the delivery note.


Impact analyzer

FastPrg Impact Analyzer ensures that changes made to data, imputation, or system element level do not cause inconsistencies within the model or with linked models. When faced with a change to a model, the Impact Analyzer can allow the modification directly, it can allow it indirectly (indicating what additional changes must be included to maintain consistency), or deny the change directly for being inconsistent.


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