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Designed for CHANGE

FastPrg has been designed specifically for software development that needs to adapt quickly and naturally to changes in the business or functional requirements of companies.

FastPrg is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) based on No Code technology that changes how you develop and run enterprise software. The programmer only needs to define the business logic and FastPrg solves how to apply it. The FastPrg platform includes all the software, hardware, and infrastructure necessary to achieve optimal performance without worrying about its administration. The extensive development times; the high costs of maintenance and operation; and the complexity of managing the software life cycle, are already part of the past.

FastPrg unleashes the creativity of end users by allowing them to modify the behavior of their applications in real-time. Thanks to FastPrg, modifications and customizations made by users will continue to be compatible with future versions that have not yet been developed.   


Share your experience and development goals with us and start building your cutting-edge business applications.

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