Benefits for your Clients

Intuitive, Simple and Friendly

Its aesthetics and ease of use make it a desire factor.

Real Time Collaboration

FastPrg has been designed specifically for software development that needs to adapt quickly and naturally to changes in the business or functional requirements of companies.




True Business Intelligence

A true paradigm shift with respect to traditional Business Intelligence, which is limited to measuring and controlling what the user tells them to measure and control. FastPrg has an Intelligent Consultant that will only require the company’s Strategic Map to be uploaded to the platform based on the criteria of the well-known Balance Score Card. From then on, the Intelligent Consultant will be able to analyze variables that no one asked him to analyze and detect inefficiencies, risks and opportunities on his own. And based on your analysis you will be able to suggest and/or make decisions. The Intelligent Consultant has multiple facets:

Benefit for the end user

With software developed with FastPrg


Share your experience and development goals with us and start building your cutting-edge business applications.

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