Minimum Development Time

Cost savings in maintenance and updates.

Currently, the maintenance and evolution expenses of business systems represents an
additional 95% of the total cost of the original software. Fastprg drastically reduces this

  • It takes 10 times less development time than with conventional programming languages.
  • It reduces development cycle times by more than 90%, putting an end to a long-standing problem: meeting the client’s deadline and seamlessly adjusting to changes in legal and tax regulations, without compromising the quality of the solution.
  • FastPrg does not require highly skilled programming personnel, since it has automatic error prevention systems.
  • The very low rate of programming errors is another of the revolutionary aspects of this new software platform for companies.







Designed for Change

Impact analyzer. Consistency and compatibility guaranteed.

FastPrg has been conceived specifically for the development of software that requires fast and seamless adaptation to changes in business, the market or in the functional requirements of companies.

Linked Lists

It allows the creation of linked lists or hierarchical database models: a parent record with many
children which creates a tree-like structure that guarantees consistency and compatibility of
the changes made to the parent model and its child models over time.

Consistency Analyzer

FastPrg also has a feature called Consistency Analyzer to ensure that the data always remains
consistent. For example, if the user tries to delete a Client who has invoices entered, the
platform will not allow it unless the latter are deleted first. In the same way, if you wanted to
delete an invoice that has already been transformed into a delivery note, you will not be able
to do so without first deleting the delivery note.

Impact Analyzer

The FastPrg Impact Analyzer ensures that modifications made to the data, imputation or
system element level do not cause inconsistencies within the model or with the linked lists.
Before a change in a model, the Impact Analyzer can either directly allow the modification or it
can allow it indirectly (indicating what additional changes should be included to maintain
consistency, or deny the change directly because it is inconsistent).

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Some examples

Discover the potential of FastPrg.

Very Simple Updates

Hot Upgrades & Downgrades. Maximum availability.

FastPrg allows you to upgrade and downgrade between versions with connected users without affecting their work and without losing information during the transition.

  • Compatibility between models: The interaction between linked models remains intact, even if only one of them is from a different version. All versions of FastPrg are compatible with each other, allowing access to information regardless of the version available.
  • Compatibility between versions: Modifications made in a previous version will be automatically replicated in later versions.
  • Maximum availability: Guarantees total availability, 24 hours a day. It also allows working offline.
  • Distributed Database: It makes it possible to have the data distributed in several databases, automatically replicating the data between them.
    • This ensures minimal latency (the time from when a change occurs until it is displayed is imperceptible). Each user will always connect to the closest data center. Therefore, a user who is in Europe will connect to the data center in Europe and another user working in Argentina will connect to the data center in Argentina.
    • Another advantage of distributed databases is meeting the requirement of many multinational companies, who must store the data physically in their country of origin due to that country’s Information and Data Laws.