Ultra fast

Surprisingly fast response time.

Revolutionary speed

FastPrg's response speed is not only astonishing, it breaks all time paradigms known to date.

  • Answer queries and execute transactions in less than a second.
  • This is possible thanks to its revolutionary technology that drastically reduces hardware consumption.
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Total Reliability

Data is never lost.

FastPrg has an innovative data registry that avoids any risk of data loss. Furthermore, the information can be saved in any database engine.

  • It works cumulatively, keeping all versions of each record and even preserving deleted data. All the information generated always persists.
  • The platform is prepared to save the data in different types of database: Postgresql, Oracle, SQL server, etc., and to work efficiently with any of them.







All Inclusive

Platform, Hardware and Connectivity

The Fastprg Cloud is a comprehensive solution that includes all the services and benefits necessary for you and your clients to have the best experience using the platform.

  • Includes hardware infrastructure, connectivity and technical assistance.
  • Provides infinite horizontal scalability, allowing you to add unlimited servers and users without extra manual configurations.

Easy to Develop

Domain specific language.

FastPrg has a set of revolutionary tools that have been designed under the same premise: Save work for the developer.

  • Dashboards: A graphical tool that allows the user to generate dynamic information views quickly and easily.
  • Pseudocode: Formulas are generated with simple and intuitive expressions adapted to human natural language. For example, for a field to autocomplete by default with today’s date, the function is written: TODAY ().
  • Automatic Forms: The developer does not need to create forms. Fastprg does it for them.
    Then if the user wishes, they can modify them. For example, if the CUSTOMER entity has the attributes name, surname, photo, date of entry and phone collection, the platform alone generates a form with 2 text fields, 1 image field, 1 date field and a grid of text fields. Also, the forms are automatically updated when the model changes. For example, if an attribute is removed from an entity, the corresponding field will be removed from all forms.
  • Integration with other systems: FastPrg can naturally interact with other applications or information sources. You can do this by exporting and importing files in various formats or via web services.
  • Market Place: Allows the online purchase and sale of Models generated in FastPrg. This enables the collaborative exchange of knowledge, as developers do not always have to start from scratch to create a model. They can buy a model already created by another developer and then add or modify what they need.