Intuitive, Simple And Friendly

Its aesthetics and ease of use gives you the greatest competitive advantage for your company.

FastPrg is designed not only to make life easier for the developer, but also for the end user. The first will reduce your costs, the second will increase your sales.

  • FastPrg’s interface is intuitive, lightweight, and easy to use.
  • Responsive design: It adapts to the size, position and screen resolution of the device it is running on. It also adapts to the size and format of each window in which the platform is open.
  • Layout customization by user: each user can individually modify the layout of the buttons, fields and menus according to their preferences.
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Real Time Collaboration

Multi-User Collaboration: Session taking, Coaching, Monitoring and Auditing.

FastPrg allows collaborative work online, thanks to the updating of data in real time. Both developers and end users will be able to make modifications simultaneously, seeing the changes immediately.

  • If a user is uploading an invoice while another user modifies the price of any of the products that invoice contains, the data will be instantly updated in the invoice that the first user is entering.
  • Between users of the same domain or of different domains, you can:
    • Take a session from another user, to guide or assist them.
    • Share your session with many users, i.e. for remote training.
    • Monitor the activity in another user’s session (as long as you have permission to do so). The activity is displayed in real time, even with the same format and screen position of the user who is operating it).


User Friendly

Decision Making Artificial Intelligence

True Business Intelligence

Decision making with Artificial Intelligence based on your Strategic Map.

A true paradigm shift with respect to traditional Business Intelligence, which was previously limited to measuring and controlling what the user tells them to measure and control.
FastPrg has an Intelligent Consultant who will only require the company’s Strategic Map to be uploaded to the platform based on the criteria of the well-known Balance Scorecard. From then on, the Smart Consultant will be able to independently analyze variables and detect inefficiencies, risks and opportunities on its own. And based on your analysis you can suggest and / or make decisions. The Smart Consultant has multiple facets:

  • Self-taught: The Intelligent Consultant learns by itself using available data, aiming to obtain the complete model that explains the behavior of the business. This process occurs automatically, continuously and proactively.
  • Apprentice: Increases their knowledge with the data registered in the system and also with the feedback from users, who provide them with information about the reality of the business not yet reflected in the platform.
  • Analyst: Uses the knowledge acquired to analyze alternative solutions to the business situations that arise. Due to its proactive approach, it works continuously looking for strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats at different levels of the organization.
  • Decision maker: The Smart Consultant is prepared to make decisions, in case the user delegates them, based on the capabilities described in the 3 previous points.
  • Task executor: You can execute both the tasks ordered by the user and those that arise from decisions that the user has previously delegated to the Smart Consultant.